Asset Condition Assessment & Management System

APM is working with a team of technical consultants to develop an asset condition assessment and management information system for the Executive Office of Transportation and Public Works. This system will incorporate elements of infrastructure inspection reports (including track and related structures, grade crossings, etc.), identification of selected asset characteristics, digital representations of asset conditions as of specific dates, graphic representations of specific facilities (such as grade crossings, switches, and other key components), and elements of maintenance and repair programs and related investments by EOTPW and the shortline railroads operating over these publicly owned facilities. The system will also be linked to the asset inventory and property agreement management systems previously developed, to allow for comprehensive assessment of the location, condition and uses of our client’s property. This system integrates plans, documents, and information gathered over time and for separate purposes, so that the information and knowledge is preserved in an organized, asset-based fashion, and agency staff have immediate access to accurate information required to manage these public assets and related contracts. 


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