APM provides comprehensive transaction evaluation and negotiation support for the acquisition and disposition of property interests. To this end, we undertake a range of critical activities, including performing due diligence, managing evaluation teams, and providing analysis of pertinent regulations, while ensuring that the proper and appropriate procedures and protocols are being followed. For our public sector clients, for example, we help the client evaluate and comply with legal requirements involving expenditure of public funds or transfer of interests in public property.

APM has developed guidelines and operating protocols pertaining to the lease, license, and sale of publicly owned properties for our clients, including standard application forms, coordination and authorization procedures, checklists, file management protocols, reporting requirements, and coordination with legal and accounting staff.

Through our carefully vetted network of experienced professionals, we are able to evaluate the legal, financial, environmental, and other specialized characteristics of complex property transactions. We also provide ongoing negotiation and documentation support to ensure that our client’s goals are achieved through and beyond completion of the transaction.


  • Property Acquisition and Disposition
  • Due Diligence: Title, Appraisal, Condition Assessment
  • Transaction Negotiation
  • Regulatory Analysis
  • Procedures & Protocols
  • Standard Documents
  • Project Management
  • Requests for Proposals
  • Railroad Property
  • Rail Trails