The term “asset management” often relates primarily to the financial performance of real estate and/or other assets. For the public sector and other complex organizations, however, the concept of asset management reflects a broader (often public) mission — where the primary goal might be delivery of services, transportation, economic development, job creation, education, etc. APM helps our clients evaluate and manage a range of assets in order to enhance the value of those assets in alignment with our client’s broader goals.

We have extensive experience in addressing the special considerations that apply to the acquisition, management, and disposition of property owned by public agencies or dedicated to a particular use, such as port property and railroad property. With a variety of ownership types (public, quasi-public, or private), title interests, safety and regulatory concerns, such properties raise challenging management issues. We provide expert consultation, evaluation and analysis of these issues, negotiate transactions on behalf of our clients, and help our clients manage their assets and related contracts and operations going forward.

Of course, operational characteristics are a vital component of any transactional decision. APM evaluates such critical and relevant issues as operational and financial viability, resource allocation, asset (infrastructure) condition, maintenance and repair requirements, funding, contract management, and related public policy and private sector goals. Our work implementing management systems, for example, helps improve operational efficiency and provides the foundation for informed executive decision-making. In addition, APM has researched and prepared a wide variety of standard agreements to govern the lease, license or transfer of other property interests by our clients.


  • Property Inventory
  • Asset Condition Assessment 
  • Document Review & Analysis 
  • Property Agreement Management
  • Contract Management
  • Information Systems / Database Development
  • Resource Analysis
  • Operating Procedures & Protocols
  • Standard Documents
  • Budget Preparation
  • Revenue Development
  • Risk Analysis
  • Railroad Properties
  • Public Use and Rail Trail Conversion
  • Transaction Evaluation & Negotiation
  • Contract Oversight and Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Maintenance and Repair Requirements (Operating and Capital)

Note: While APM frequently teams with appraisers and other experts to provide assessments of financial value and performance measures associated with specific assets and transactions, we do not offer financial investment advice.