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As Chief Operating Officer of Transit Realty Associates, Ms. Conley was responsible for developing systems and managing operations for the MBTA’s real estate activities. TRA was responsible for all tenant and lease management, property sale and joint development activities, and was charged with the development of a geographic information system to manage critical property data for the MBTA – the 2nd largest owner of public property in the Commonwealth. These operations initially involved management of about 800 property agreements, and more than 200 active (but unresolved) requests to lease, license or purchase interests in MBTA property. 

In the first year of operations, TRA established lease, tenant and account management systems, including procedures for collection of outstanding rents and fees, and also established systems to track new requests and progress made toward resolution of those requests.  Within 1 year, TRA improved rental receipts by $1.9M (more than 50%), collected accounts receivable of $1.4M (reducing A/R by 88%), and identified a $6.0M + leasing program for the next fiscal year. Under Ms. Conley’s direction, TRA also developed and implemented a strategy for developing a geographic information system (GIS) to identify and track MBTA property ownership.  The GIS (now known as the “Land Tracker”) included information about 2,200 parcels of land within the initial stages of operations, and is now considered an important resource for MBTA real estate, legal, planning and police staff.

First year results led to recognition of TRA and the MBTA as recipients of a prestigious Better Government Award in a national competition sponsored by the Pioneer Institute.


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